How to Make Your Home Look like New

The Best Paint Colors and Design Tips

Bastrop Paint Pro is a painting company serving the South-East Texas area since (year of establishment). The company’s mission is to provide our residential and commercial customers with outstanding service and quality artistry at an affordable price. 

Hiring a professional painter for your home is the last thing you want to do. You want somebody who will come and paint the job quickly and with minimal mess or inconvenience to you. You want somebody who professionally conducts themselves and is good at what they do. This is not only the kind of people we hire at Bastrop Paint Pro, but we believe it’s the kind of people you deserve as well. Below are some of the services we offer:

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home can improve how you feel about your living space and change your life. Our trained painters can create an aesthetic look for your home while providing the paint products, tools, and machines necessary to complete the job. They will then leave your home in cleaner condition than when they arrived. Bastrop Paint Pro has the experience required to help you create an aesthetically and functionally pleasing place. Sometimes spending a few extra minutes to make a room feel homier can significantly impact your mental state. Sometimes the most outstanding amenity of all is a room that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and happy. Don’t waste any more time living in a space that doesn’t amplify your experience.

Bastrop Paint Pro takes care of the interior painting. All you have to do is plan the date. Interior painting is a complex project that requires a lot of care and precision. Our team of experienced painters and handymen will skillfully prep and paint your home’s interior. Our mission is to create a home that satisfies you and your family, which we guarantee with all of our projects.

Commercial Painting


Commercial buildings are expensive investments, and they need to be maintained in good condition. They value their tenants, who are the lifeblood of the business and make sure any maintenance work does not disrupt their business. If you have a commercial painting project with a tight deadline, you may want to hire a commercial painting contractor available for night work. The experience we’ve gained painting commercial real estate gives us the expertise to meet the needs and requirements of your business.

If you are in the business of painting walls or commercial spaces, you need a company with a good reputation in the area. You will be glad that you chose Bastrop Paint Pro. We have extensive experience in the painting industry, and we know what it takes to make sure that your customers leave satisfied and are not dissatisfied with the finished product.

Exterior Painting

When it comes to the look of your home’s exterior, you can never go wrong with a fresh coat of paint. No matter what kind of paint job you need, whether it’s a simple touch-up or a complete paint job for your home or business, Bastrop Paint Pro can do it. We can perform exterior home renovations that will help sell your house or improve the overall appearance of your home.

As one of the best painting companies in Texas, Bastrop Paint Pro can transform your home’s exterior into something more beautiful. We will deal with all aspects of your painting project, from preparing the surface of your house to cleaning up. There is no aspect that we won’t handle for you. We care about quality, and we make sure that the professionals we hire match our standards. We’ve worked on many different surfaces, from brick to garage doors, so we’re prepared for anything.

You can use exterior paints to paint anything from roofing to guttering and siding. Although not always the most popular choice, exterior colors are great for molding, staining, and painting walls, as well as outer gates, decking, rails, etc. Bastrop Paint Pro has trained and licensed painters who can do all of the above and more. We also offer free estimates on exterior painting jobs.

Pressure Washing

We may pressure wash or steam clean the rooms before the paint can even be applied to speed the process up. In this method, we will thoroughly clean any dirt or debris from the floor and walls, and furniture. The idea here is to remove any of the grime or dirt on your flooring or furniture before we can have them painted.

Any new paint job will require an inspection of the floors, walls, and furniture to make sure they’re in good condition to be painted. If your feet are in bad shape and have some water stains, we will remove the water first.

Siding Replacement


Rain and other moisture can cause cracks in your home’s exterior, potentially leading to more significant issues. If water gets into your house, it can cause damage, so it’s essential to repair holes in the roof and plumb your gutters. But the siding on your own home can’t always do that. If you spot cracks and separation from the wall, there’s a good chance mold, rust, and water-damaged wood will soon follow. Find a professional who knows where to look for the cause of the damage and how to prevent it from spreading.

Whether your siding has cracked or it’s torn by wind, hail, rain, or snow, Bastrop Paint Pro is here to help. When you give us a call for a siding replacement estimate, we’ll not only give you an estimate on how much work it will take to fix your siding but also give you a cost breakdown. It’s a tool we use to help you understand how much money you have to spend. Our estimate is not a suggestion but a fact.

Choose Your Finishes: Restore or Rejuvenate

Whether you want to add some new color or choose some beautiful woodwork to update your home, we have the experience and knowledge to accomplish your project with quality and detail. Whether your project needs a new coat of paint or some woodwork restoration, we’re here for you.

Sheetrock/Drywall repair and installation

You know that expensive painting you just did on your house looks fabulous, but the reason it seems that way is because there was a lousy job done during installation. You can’t imagine what it would look like if you start painting and accidentally ruin the new drywall because you can’t see the flaws.

We take pride in the paint we sell is 100% high quality, highly polished, and primed to withstand all weather conditions. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and can be used on the most delicate surfaces, including exterior building walls, doors, and windows.

We make sure that the paint we use is a single-component brand that contains no heavy metals or byproducts.

Cabinet Refinishing/Painting

Rather than throwing out cabinets, consider sprucing them up with other paint colors or other materials. Give Bastrop Paint Pro a call and see how much money you can save by hiring us for cabinet refinishing. Refinishing cabinets is the way to go if you’re looking for something cheaper than replacing your whole kitchen. The thought of painting your cabinets can seem like a daunting task. Our painting service will give you a professional, affordable paint job with a money-back guarantee!

We specialize in interior painting and cabinet refinishing. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and we have a proven record of finishing all jobs as quickly as possible. Our store is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You can come by the store, get your work done, and then be on your way. The paint store on Friday afternoons is a great place to go for advice and answers to questions you may have.

You’re not going to have a clean job if you’re working with our professional cabinet refinishers. We want you to be happy with your finished product. The result may not be perfect, but it will be better than if you had tried to do it yourself.


If you are in the Central Texas are we highly recommend our friends for all of your painting needs. They are a Paint company in Bastrop that are professional and reliable. Any color scheme and design you choose for your home is going to make it unique. But by utilizing paint colors and different techniques, you can add a feeling of richness, creativity, and class to your home.

When your home looks fresh, painted, and the furniture looks like it has never been touched, you’re going to feel revitalized and at peace. This is especially important for those who work long hours, have young kids, or have chronic health problems.

Bastrop Paint Pro is a reputable painting company in Texas. Our team of experienced staff is always ready to improve the outlook of your home or business. So why don’t you call us today to schedule a date with us? We also offer free consultation services. 

Types of Trees in Texas

The important of trees to human can’t be overemphasized as they serve different purposes to our environment, landscape and atmosphere.

Trees are found in all countries of the world, hence, it is generally believed that it is one of the most important natural resources on earth.

Trees are of different species and kinds, and they vary from one continent to another. They equally vary from country to country, this is why you hardly find African-based trees in Asia countries vice-versa.

We have decided to talk on some important places in the world in respect to types of tree that can successfully grow in them.

We are set to unveil to you the top five trees that are mostly seen or planted in Texas. But before the list, let’s quickly give you a quick information about Texas.

Some important fact you should know about Texas

Texas is located in United States of America and it is the country’s second largest state. It shares borders with New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Texas has Austin as its capital City , while, Houston is its largest city. One of the top tree services located in the heart of Central Texas is Tree Trimming Round Rock a company that has offered Tree Service Round Rock TX has trusted for over 20 years.

This wonderful state possess a very impressive whether and climatic features, which is one of the cogent reasons why many of its citizens are engaged in forestry and other agricultural practices.

Diverse kinds of trees are located in Texas as it serves so many purposes to the citizens of the state. To some, trees provide shield to their houses whenever there’s occasional storm.

To many Texans , trees beautify their compound and environment; They also believe that trees add more value to their landscape designs.

Without wasting much of your time, below is the list of best five type of trees you can ever come across in Texas State:

Top five types of Trees in Texas

Live Oak

Live Oak is one of the most planted trees in Texas because of its ability to provide shades — where its owner can relax — during Texas’s heat period.

Talking of the shade provided by this type of trees, this is made possible as result of its widespread, strong and plenty branches.

Live Oak is made of a very robust trunk which is approximately 50ft tall. It has a very hard hard wood which makes it withstand any kind of storm that could arise.

Having considered all of these attributes, many Texans often plant Live Oaks in their landscape.

Bur Oak

Just as Live Oaks, Bur Oak consists of a very strong and robust trunk. It also possess a very large quantity of leaves which makes it one of the trees fancied by Texans.

Bur Oak trees annually produce large quantity of sweet fruits — which is referred to as acorn, this is why many Texans can’t help but plant this type of tree in their compound.

Another important feature of a Bur Oak tree is the possession of lengthy tap root, which makes it adaptable to any kind of weather condition — either rainy or dry season; Cold or heat period.

Cedar Elm

Cedar Elm is another type of tree mostly found in Texas, especially in East, South, and Central part of the state.

Unlike some trees that grow only on loamy soil, Cedar Elm grows perfectly on any kind of soil as result of its long roots.

It consists of many widespread branches which helps in creating shade during heat period. This characteristic is one of the reasons why many Texans love having Cedar Elms in their compound.

Bald Cypress

Bald Cypresses are mostly found in swampy parts of Texas, though, they can successfully stay on different soil conditions.

It possess plenty feather-like leaves; and it’s a very good producer of shades to tackle Texas’s heat period. It is pyramidal in shape but this type of tree can’t survive lengthy drought.


Magnolias are often referred to as “southern” trees, even if it is mostly found in the Eastern part of the state.

Out of all the listed trees, Magnolia has the most beautiful leaves. The leaves are dark-green in color, leathery in structure and appeasing to the eyes.

This type of tree also produces beautiful flowers which serves as ornament to compound and landscape. No wonder many Texans love to give it a try in their environment.

Irrespective of all these characteristics, Magnolia tree can’t strive on all soil, neither can it survive every weather condition.

Types of Roofs and Roofing

Type of Roof and Roofing Materials

Are you planning to roof your building? Then this article is for you as we are set to unveil some important tips that will help you come up with a world-class roof patterns.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s get into business as we’re going to list different types of roof materials and roofing patterns that will make your home looks more attractive and more convenient.

Type of roof materials

Metal Panels

Metal panels is one of the best roofing materials you can can ever see in the world.

It can be shaped to any shape of your choice, while, it still maintain its uniqueness and quality.

Concrete Tile

This roof is one of the most beautiful materials of its kind, thanks to its multiple colors.

In addition to its beautiful outlook, concrete tile is very durable and it is suitable for any kind of roofing design or pattern you desire.

The only setback to this wonderful roof is the fact that it’s quite expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive roof materials in the markets.

Notwithstanding, concrete tile will surely give you total satisfaction when it comes to providing long-term protection over your building.

Note : Your building’s roof deck must be strong and quality enough to carry heavy load because concrete tile has a great weight.


Slate roof another type of roof material that can stand the test of time. It comes in different styles, shapes and colors, and it is thick.

It isn’t expensive as the concrete tiles, and it can only be installed by an experienced architect or building contractor.

Just like the concrete Tiles, Slate has massive weight, therefore, your roof deck must be engineered properly in order to suspend Slate’s weight for lengthy period.

Wood Shingles

Wood Shingles are made from cedar and they’re mostly used by contemporary bungalow owners. They are very expensive but can stand the test of time.

If properly installed, wood shingles can stay up to 15 years without any need to refurbish or repair it.

It’s made of a pure cedar color but as time goes on, its color changes to grey.

Wood Shingles are very expensive to maintain, which is one of many reasons why people don’t like using it.

Other types of roof materials include :

Traditional Metal

Asphalt Roof

Clay Tile

Types of Roofing

There are numerous types of roofing patterns, but, we shall be limiting ourselves to few of them.

Gable roofing

Gable roofing is also referred to as pitched or peaked roof and it is characterized by its triangular shape.

This type of roofing is mostly used in the US, while some Asian countries also love this roofing pattern for their building.

Almost all roofing materials — including asphalt, wood shingles , cedar shakes, metal, and concrete tiles — can be used for gable roofing patterns.

Importance of gable roofing

* It enhance ventilation

With Gable roofing, your home will experience a considerable amount of fresh air because it provides much space for inflow of air.

* It is Easy and Cheap to maintain

Unlike many other roofing patterns, gable is made of simple designs, making it very cheap to run and maintain.

Disadvantages of Gable Roofing

There’s nothing without side effects, one of the disadvantages of this type of roofing is that it can’t be used in stormy areas or places where hurricane often occur.

Hip Roofing

This is a ridge-like type of roofing, where there is are slopes on all four sides of the building.

Important of hip roofing

* It is durable

This type of roofing is more durable than gable pattern of roofing.

* It can resist high Wind and Storm

Unlike Gable, Hip-roof can withstand any form of storm due to the presence of hard and strong slopes on four sides.


* It’s Expensive

This is one of its shortcomings. It is too expensive that only wealthy personalities can afford it.

* It requires more building materials

It sophisticated design require much strength from the building, hence, the need to double the quality of materials used in the building deck.

Other types of roofings include:








Spray Foam Insulation:

Many times you are going to want to take advantage of the benefits of spray foam insulation, or spray on roofing. Spray foam can expand into all holes and crevices to completely seal an area from moister and air. This makes this type of insulation or roofing very effective.

Spray foam can be applied in attics, in walls, in homes, barns or even in barndominiums. It’s an effective type of insulation for any climate type.

If you need more advise and information, you can contact Spray foam insulation Lubbock for details about this service and the different types of Spray foam products for home and commercial use.